X-treme Smile® Groothandel cursus opleiding tanden bleken

X-treme Smile®: only the best is good enough

Exclusive wholesale for teeth whitening

X-treme Smile ® is a registered trademark and offers exclusive productsfor teeth whitening on a cosmetic base. X-treme Smile ® is result-oriented when it comes to white teeth and goes beyond regular wholesale companies for teeth whitening. We can guarantee that we offer the best products and knowledge! Innovative, contemporary, exclusive and quirky are words that fit X-treme Smile ®.

X-treme Smile ® focuses on the business market in the beauty industry. Think of beauty salons, nail salons and dentists who want to expand their practice with a service such as teeth whitening. Non-peroxide teeth bleaching gels that fully comply with the Cosmetics Regulations and of course familiar in the European portal of the Food and Drug Authorities. A partnership with X-treme Smile ® guarantees the best products and results, completely safe and legal. You can learn it yourself!

X-treme Smile® benefits of years of experience in professional teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is our passion and expertise. We share our knowledge and experience with you and your staff based on a complete education. You and your staff will feel absolutely confident after our course and will perform a full treatment without a doubt. The course will end with an institute diploma.

Have you ever asked your current wholesale if their products are legitimately registered? Or if the products have taken all the necessary tests and have all the proper documentation? With X-treme Smile® you won't have any doubt, for we take our industry, work and clients seriously.

We wish you a warm welcome!

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