Opleiding cursus groothandel tanden bleken

Whitening teeth with X-treme Smile® is a simple procedure and 100% safe when performed by a trained dental cosmetician. Every beautysalon owner, dental practice or barbershop can provide their clients with a perfect white smile.

Teeth whitening is totally hot and for every practice or starter a fine extra income for a relatively simple treatment that is completely safe. Ofcourse after a thorough training. We have years of experience and love to share it with our customers, in order to create a well educated X-treme Smile professional who can perform a flawless treatment on their own. Our reputation blinks like a shiny star and we like to keep it that way. Happy customers are returning customers.

Your professional teeth whitening trainer!

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Your training will take 1 day. Our training is perfect for beauticians, dental hygienists and nail stylists. Ofcourse you will be trained by a professional who has worked in the dental business for many years. We have training locations in Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France. You will be trained alone or with a maximum of 3. We think it is important to work in small groups, so you will get all the attention you need.


X-treme Smile has over 60 years (combined) experience in whitening teeth. With our knowledge we can train you in the best possible way, so you can provide your customers with an honest and professional advice. We will teach you all the ins and outs, so you can make your company succesfull as well. We will provide you with swift delivery from our stock, so you will never need to wait long, before receiving your order.

- Extensive experience
- Knowledge of business
- Only products that comply with the European Cosmetics Legislation
- Advanced Course
- Continuous support


- Anatomy
- Applying the bleaching gel en the working process
- Material and product knowledge
- Dental Disorders
- Treatment Methods
- Hygiene
- Aftercare
- Contraindications


Trainster tanden bleken opleiding Sneek


Jitske is onze trainster op de hoofdvestiging in Sneek. 

Wanneer u vragen heeft en belt of een Whatsapp 

bericht stuurt, dan zal zij u helpen. Op al uw vragen

heeft zij het juiste antwoord.

Trainingen zijn doorgaans op dinsdagen en donderdagen,

maar op verzoek kan hier van af geweken worden.

Trainster tanden bleken


Elke is onze trainster in Breda. 

Elke is tot op de dag van vandaag nog werkzaam in de

tandheelkunde. Zij heeft gestudeerd voor tandtechnieker

en werkt vandaag de dag nog op een dental depot.

Bij Elke kunt u op afspraak terecht.

training opleiding tanden bleken breda


For every budget we provide a suitable starterkit. Voor elk budget hebben wij een startpakket. To understand the differences you will need to think of them as if they are cars. What all lights have in common, is that they work in the same light spectre, but all lights are different because of their power and their quality. If you want to know more about the differences, we love to help you with that. Just call us or send us an e-mail.

Starterkits are available from €899,- to €2199,-.



15 full kits


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safety goggles

intake forms

aftercare leaflets

Facebook or website footage

support after your training