A professional & successful start is guaranteed with X-treme Smile®. We offer training courses with one of the most experienced and professional teeth whitening trainers in the Netherlands! Professional teeth whitening is done by beauticians, nailsalons, teeth whitening clinics, dentists and dental hygienists. When bleached with products that contain less than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide, teeth whitening is legal for non-dentists. This law took effect in November 2012.

Why should you choose X-treme Smile ®?

  • the supplier with extensive knowledge and years of expertise
  • our gels are 100% legal and comply with the Cosmetics Regulation for the European Union
  • our gels have had all obliged microbiological tests
  • the gels have the required Product Information File and other certificates.
  • X-treme Smile® is an officially registered trademark
  • our gels may be used by all non-dentists legally
  • our system is sublime and unique!
  • growing, innovative and friendly company
  • enthusiastic, experienced and committed staff
  • complete range of products
  • fast delivery from stock!
  • tutoring
  • promotional material for your salon. Also customized with your own logo!
  • proactive! We think with you
  • always available by phone
  • fast money returns with your starter package
  • used in TV shows like "Hotter than my Daughter"